CIMSPA local skills delivery project

The right training, delivered in the right place, at the right time.

Our local skills project is bringing together employers, education providers and employability-focused organisations to effectively and efficiently match supply and demand.

CIMSPA have completed the rollout of a team of skills hub managers and regional managers across England, Wales and Scotland, to create local skills hubs.

This local delivery team is now building relationships between stakeholders and completing skills diagnostics in every area, so we can create sport and physical activity local skills action plans.

These plans will:
  • Ensure local colleges, universities and training providers are offering education and training that matches what employers need.
  • Provide employers with the skilled workforce they need to offer great sport and physical activity opportunities that are inclusive and meet the needs of diverse local communities, and drive business success.
  • Give the people who work in sport and physical activity great career pathways.

All with the goal of ensuring the sport and physical activity sector can deliver health, economic and social benefits to our nation.

The project is funded and supported by Sport England.

  • A skills diagnostic is a short survey conducted by a skills hub manager with the aim of capturing workforce data from around your county to create a true picture of the upcoming recruitment challenges (the skills diagnostic is not an assessment, rating or inspection process).
  • Your local skills hub manager will carry out the skills diagnostic survey with sport and physical activity employers across the county.
  • The survey audits the current skills within your workforce and identify gaps that need to be filled based upon the demand in your area, using the knowledge and skills criteria of each CIMSPA professional standard.
  • The skills diagnostic data will help inform decisions made by your county’s sport and physical activity local skills accountability board, who will be putting forward the case for what provision is needed in your area.

Our local skills process

We have a team of skills hub managers who want to engage with employers, education providers, chambers of commerce, local authorities – any organisation involved in improving employability in their local area. Click through to find your local contact.
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Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland skills hub pilot