"Where there is no insight the people perish"

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Welcome to the "Up from Down" website. "Up From Down" is an award winning addiction memoir that chronicles one man's recovery from a 14 year addiction to a variety of different drugs. Most importantly, it shows not only what caused the addiction but also what the solution is. You can find a sample chapter here.

Please take some time and browse thru the site and listen to some of the podcast interviews. If you are looking for real answers, you may find them here. Check back frequently as we do update the site on a regular basis.  

If you, a friend, or a family member has a problem with alcohol or drugs, then you will find information here that can really help. Not all addicts want help of course, and there is little we, as a society, can do for them but lock them up for their own protection. However, there are many who do want help who perish from a lack of understanding. We truly do live in the dark ages of addiction treatment. 

I hope my book will convince you of that as well as point the way to real solutions. "Up From Down" is the true story of how I got a new life and was authentically Born Again. If you're an addict, we will refund your misery if it doesn't help you. If you have a family member on drugs, this is one book that might speak to them and might help you as well. Read it and see for yourself. I think you will find something unique and valuable in "Up From Down", possibly even life saving.  

                                   God Bless

                                 Ted Adamson  

                                           November , 2013

Available online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and most major outlests. . 

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Listen to  a great new radio interview with Angela Levesque of "On Health and Healing" 


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  • ""Up From Down offers real hope for those seeking to overcome the hell we are born into, live out, and harbor inside. I love this book. You will too.""
    Jesse Lee Peterson
    Radio Talk Show Host
  • ""This is a transparent revelation of the jail and rehab and court system abuses as well and an examination of all the aspects of treatment for addiction. And this information is..."
    Grady Harp
    Amazon.com Top 10 reviewer

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